Guitarworks are proud to offer you one of the finest Guitar repair & building courses. We offer 2, 4 & 16 Week programs.

Guitarworks is located in Umeň, Sweden. Umeň is a university city with a population of 100 000 people. The city is located 700 km north of Stockholm. The population in Sweden is 8,5 million people and the native language is Swedish but most part of the population speak English as well.

Music is one of Swedens leading export industries. Bands and artists such as:

The Cardigans, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ace of Base, Roxette, Abba, The Originators, Meja, Fireside, Meshuggah, Europe, Jonas Hellborg, the Chronics,
this perfect day, the Facer etc.

Guitarworks repair and build guitars and other stringed instruments. The owner and instructor Leif Jakobsson is a luthier and guitar player. Our courses are all included room and board furnished. Class sizes are small, 1-2 students at the time and we teach in english.

This course is an one-on-one intense hands on program and an early registration is recommended. Take the chance and let your dreams come true.

See you soon.