The main purpose with the education I offer is that it shall lead to fundamental competence as a guitar maker.

You can also choose one of the shorter course alternatives if you only would like to learn how to repair or build instruments.

The following subjects going to be studied:

Material knowledge
Tool knowledge
Economy and marketing
Repairing of acoustic and electric guitars

What you're about to learn are:

Professional adjustment
Adjust broken guitar necks
Make new saddles
Custom jobs
Glue cracks
Reglue broken necks
Elektronic jobs and more

You can choose to go 2 week-, 1 moth- or 3 month courses:

If you choose the 2 weeks course you are going to learn the basic guitar repair methods.

At the 1 month course you will learn how to build one electric- or an acoustic guitar. You will also learn the basic guitar repair methods.
Alternatively you can specialize on only repairs.

The 3 moth course
are specially for you who is thinking about a futute as a guitar repair man. In this course you will build 2 guitars and also learn about repairs.

You are going to be individually educated in a fully equipped guitar service shop. In the course You will learn repairs, adjustments and modifications on both electric- and acoustic guitars.

*** Summer course starting august 15,th "build a dreadnought guitar".
2 weeks.

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