I perform all types of repairs and adjustments on guitars and other string instruments. A well sounding instrument is one of the best links to a good sound. All repairs is done with highest precision.

My conviction is that almost everything can be repaired. I always make a damage- and cost analysis before you leave your instrument to me. Any possible after adjustments are always included in the price.
You are always guaranteed a a free cost analysis before you leave your instrument to me.

Price examples:

Do You have a instrument that is whole but doesn' feels good to play on, intonate badly or buzz at the frets I will do the following measures:

Adjustment of the neck
Adjustment of string height
Maybe a fretdress
Possible adjustment of the nut
Oiling the fretboard

Price: 60 - 120 dollar excl. strings.

Other repair examples that I do are:

Cracks repair
Glueing of brocken necks
Customjobs and more

Leave your guitar/bass for a proper exposition and adjustment. Your instrument is going to feel and sound better than ever.

For other repairs you are welcome to contact me on E-mail or by phone